TBB brings music to underserved areas of Los Angeles. Within these communities, Classical music at the highest level is often inaccessible. Each performance is used as an opportunity to expose a new audience to Classical music by utilizing some of every generations’ most beloved charts, alongside some of the best repertoire brass quintet has to offer. This programming is combined with an interactive performance where TBB enjoys the opportunity to work with the audience, sharing information about the music, and the stories of our own lives.


The Braille Institute

The Braille Institute is a nonprofit organization serving more than 37,000 people through programs that aid those effected by blindness and severe sight loss.

TBB has had the privilege to perform at the Los Angeles Center of the Braille institute on several occasions and are often asked to return. Answering questions and designing a performance experience that exposes this community to music they may have never heard, or re-interpreting beloved charts in the brass quintet form makes The Braille Institute on of TBB’s favorite venues.

USC Med Center.jpg

Los Angeles County - USC Medical center

This 600-bed Medical Center is one of the largest public hospitals in the country. This wide variety of public health services brings patients and workers to the hospital from all walks of life.

TBB often visits the main courtyard of this medical center to perform for any passerby who wants to listen. Some of our most enjoyable and memorable performances have been on these steps, spreading music through the lives of those who could use it most.

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Local Venues

TBB also performs concerts and masterclasses at churches and schools in the greater Los Angeles area throughout the year free to those attending. Many of the schools and churches we perform at are located in lower income communities; By performing in these areas, TBB hopes to reach a new audience and show them the possibilities of classical music.