TBB creates performances that challenge and invite the audience to experience classical music in unique ways. Through our programming, interactive presentation, and educational focus, TBB is able to inspire audiences to join in the Classical music world.



Two Button Brass Poster.png
Ripples of Sound
Rush Hour Recital

Through innovative and collaborative programming TBB seeks to reach the widest audience possible. By utilizing popular arrangements the audience is invited to learn more about the more standard brass quintet repertoire. Combining these two aspects allows for TBB to introduce new music to new audiences.


Interactive performance

TBB brings the audience into the performance experience through conversation and story telling. Embracing the opportunity to interact with the performers allows the audience to learn more about the music. By sharing our personal stories TBB is able to connect with the listener and create a dialogue. This atmosphere can even incorporate guests performances like in the video above, where TBB was accompanied by David Sandoval as a soloist in a piece he wrote in commemoration of his grandmother.


Educational outreach

High School Outreach

The privilege of working with young musicians has given TBB a unique opportunity to inform the next generation of performers and listeners about classical music and brass quintet repertoire. TBB seeks to create a narrative from our past experiences that encourages young players to continue on with classical music.